Overcoming the rules and finding my “why” in blog writing…

I love writing. For me, it is a huge contribution to my wellbeing. Giving myself time to lose myself in my thoughts as they spill out on to the page is therapeutic.

So, why am I finding it so difficult to just start writing again? Since the arrival of our son in 2019, I totally dropped the ball. I found the transition from “just me” to “mummy” difficult. The lack of sleep and the constant new challenges I faced. I just couldn’t find the headspace to enjoy the thing that once gave me so much contentment.

And then there’s the fog to see through. Everyone is a “girl boss” or “boss mama” these days. There are strategies, rules, mindset courses, business courses, money making courses to sign up to. So how can you go back to blogging when you just don’t have the strategy right now? What if I just want to write, because I love it? My Instagram goes through huge waves of silence. Every time I open my blog, I quickly shut it down again. “I’ll come back to it when I have a strategy”.

Not today! I am telling myself to just start writing. You won’t find colour coded Google Sheets behind the scenes these days to plan every move I make across this blog and my social media feeds, but I have given myself time to think about why I want to write though.

Finding my why

I’ve finally tuned into my wider why in life generally, and you can read more about that here. The things that give me energy, the lens that I want to see my entire life through, the journey to wellness, sustainability and slow living.

No mean feat when you have a 1 year old to run around after and a full time job to maintain, but amongst all of that, just lately, I’ve finally started to feel mentally settled and ready to explore these things. I feel like the foundations of my life are finally in place.

I’m truly happy at work, something I wouldn’t have told you for a long time, which makes everything else in life seem so much clearer. My toddler is at a wonderful age where there is so much joy between the tantrums. We’re preparing to settle into our forever home and build a future for our little boy.

With all of these things bubbling away happily in the background, I feel like I can take back a bit of time for me now. In my previous life as blogger extraordinaire (lol), I used to scrabble around for blog post ideas…focusing on keywords that would send millions of viewers to my corner of the internet, but this time, it feels so much more natural. I’ll only ever write about topics that I am truly passionate about, things that I am just naturally exploring through my own interest and inquisitiveness, and I love having a space to process those in word form.

I’ll stop now…I feel like I am getting into waffle zone, but please, if this resonates with you, drop into my Instagram DM’s!