3 Ways To Start Going Plastic Free

Once you decide to go plastic free in your home, you suddenly see how much of single use plastic there actually is. It can seem overwhelming! So, just start small. Try not to get side tracked by the volume of plastic that you have to tackle, and just start, wherever you can. Any change will be a good start!

I’ve decided to consider anything that I am about to run out of, or about to replace, to look at whether there is a better alternative available. On this basis, you’re likely to start thinking about toiletries, cleaning and laundry as a first step.

Whilst I’m on the hunt for plastic free options, to really make it work for us, it also has to be affordable…or at the very least comparable to the current alternative that we’re using.

In my journey to make our home as free from single use plastics as possible, I’ve started with 3 simple things. Deodorant, shampoo and toilet roll…three things we all need and that I have found at a similar cost to that of the plastic free alternative.


Wild is a sustainable natural deodorant, delivered straight to your door. Aluminium free with compostable, plastic free refills!

I’ve been using Wild for nearly 2 months now. I wanted to give it a good test before I told you all what I thought, and I’m pleased to say that it is here to stay!

There were three things that sold me, the fact that it was completely natural, I could sign up for refills on subscription, and it was delivered by Royal Mail (better, because they’re coming to your house anyway!)

But, does natural deodorant really work? I wondered the exact same thing! I’ll be honest, for about a week or so, I could definitely smell myself more than I would like to, or than I ever had before. Luckily, it was only me who could smell it (I think…) and it really did end in just about a week! You can read more about the “transition period” here. I started out with the Coconut Dreams scent, but I’ve also got the Orange Zest and Mint Fresh refills to try, which seem fresher…if that’s your kind of thing.

I also love a subscription…items that I would otherwise have to leave my house for, delivered to my door at no more cost than I would have spent otherwise? Perfect!

If you want to save £5 on your Wild deodorant, click here.

Beauty Kubes

Shampoo bars aren’t new, but they’re just not for me…I don’t like the idea of them hanging around in the shower! These shampoo cubes are the perfect alternative.

My first impression was that they smell amazing. I’ve also got the shampoo and body wash (combined) cubes, and the scent is my favourite (lemongrass, bergamot, cedarwood and sweet orange!).

Aside from the scent, my very first impression was disappointment, as I realised the boxes were wrapped in plastic, but then I spotted a sticker detailing that it is actually a plastic free, plant based material which is fully compostable!

I found them simple to use, you just crumble them and rub into a paste whilst you’re in the shower or the bath, and then lather as usual. I’m not someone who is looking for anything life changing in a shampoo, and this ticked all the boxes for fresh bouncy locks.


Oceans Plastic Free Toilet Tissue

Toilet roll is the one thing I allllways ended up popping out for far too often, and it used to drive me mad! So when I found out that plastic free subscription services were a thing, I was in.

Not only is it good for our plastic usage, it also allows you to do your little bit for the world, as Oceans donate 25% of their profits to the Marine Conservation Society…helping to combat plastic waste in our seas.

Oceans offer one of the lowest subscription prices I’ve seen around, with 45 rolls just £20.89! So far our rolls have lasted us nearly 2 months, and we still have plenty left…I think they will see us another 2 months at least.

You can sign up here.


What’s the impact of going plastic free?

By making these swaps, you would save around 12 deodorant tubes a year, 5 plastic wraps for every delivery of toilet tissue you receive…and help make a dent in the 520 million shampoo bottles that are thrown away every year.

There are so many changes that you could make…but these three simple swaps are some of the easiest to start today!

If you’ve got any recommendations for things I could try next, please drop into my Instagram DMs.

I purchased my Wild deodorant, but received PR samples for Beauty Kubes via Beauty by Persephone, and Oceans. Read more about me here.