I’m Abi, working mama of one and a wife with a passion for writing, bringing you along on my search for wellness, slow living and sustainability as part of family life both at home and in the Hampshire area.

My focus is on living the calmest, most content life I can, prioritising mental well-being. I share my experiences to inspire others and find comfort and motivation in hearing your experiences.

But why? In 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma, and faced 2 weeks left to live.

And the experience changed my entire life. Not instantly, but entirely.

I faced the uncertainty of whether I would see the year out. I battled mental ups and downs as I feared the worst, and tried to remain positive, when the outlook was poor. My life became a whirlwind of hospital stays, medical jargon, and phenomenal doctors and nurses.

I saw the family I’d envisioned flash before my eyes as I was told my prognosis was 2 weeks, my job was quickly put to the back of my mind as I settled into life as a cancer patient, bumbling around in a dazed cancer bubble for months.

And then, as quickly as it started, it ended. Just 4 months later, I was given the all clear, following some pretty revolutionary immunotherapy treatment.

But, what now? Well, my emails are always open if you’re experiencing something similar and what to know more, but for now, I’ll keep the story short.

I’ve wasted many attempts to find a use for my online platforms. To put a voice behind the hideous experience with cancer to use it for good, but I’ve just never felt quite right about how that voice came across.

I’m not here to petition on safe sun advice, or life with cancer. I’ve realised that those things tie me too closely to a part of my life that drags me down, the only piece that really drives any form of anxiety and fear in me.

Recently, with lots of other changes in life, becoming a mum, juggling some *interesting* career choices, and living through the pandemic, I’ve stumbled upon somewhat of an epiphany. My why.

I’m driven by being organised. I live for routine. For rituals, traditions. I’m on a constant search for what I could only see previously as “perfection”. But perfection doesn’t exist. I’ve realised that really, what underpins everything that I truly care about, is a search for wellness, and to do that as part of a sustainable, slow life. To take care of the mental well-being of myself, and my family.

But how do you focus on wellness, when life moves at a million miles an hour, and you’re a busy mum who spends 95% of the time covered in toddler snot, and telling them not to play with dog food for the millionth time that day?

That balance is my core interest. Finding the ultimate balance, to achieve complete wellness as part of busy life with a young family, is what underpins everything.

And I don’t think I’m alone…I think that we’re all just searching for wellness, even if we don’t realise it.

So I want to share my journey with you, because I believe you’re a fellow wannabe-ex-mess who wants to learn about all the different ways you can get your shit together too.

What can you expect from me?

Personal Development

I’ll share my mental health journey, and how that relates to being at peace with wellness. I’ll get it wrong, a lot, and fall off the wagon, a lot. But ultimately, I’ll share the honest experiences I’ve had and the resources I’ve used that have helped me leave my past mindsets and behaviour behind and adopt healthier, more positive habits.

Wellness Suggestions

As I make these tiny steps to wellness, I’ll bring you in on the rituals and tools that I have tried and tested, including discussion on how you can make these work to improve your lifestyle.

Environmentally Friendly Swaps

I am so far from perfect when it comes to living totally environmentally friendly and sustainable, but I am passionate about the journey I can bring my family on to becoming these things. As a family, the swaps we make have to be budget friendly and practical whilst we do our bit to help the world. I’ll share my learnings and tips along the way.


Life as a working mama, living with my three boys…the husband, the baby and the dog. If seeing whether I actually managed to make my bed today is your kinda thing, you’re in the right place. I share plenty of life at home, but we also love to get out and about in the Hampshire area, so you will always find my local suggestions here.

I hope you are my people!